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We transport your cargo across the world via air, road and sea. Combining our global reach with local industry expertise, you’ll get the best end-to-end transportation service wherever you are in the world. We take the time to understand every customer’s unique situation and consider their specific needs to create a tailor-made freight solution.

Global Freight Alliance FM FreightMidpoint

Our strategic alliances around the globe allow us to send and receive freight around the globe.

Ocean Freight

  • Complete Containers (FCL) and reefer (LCL)
  • Dry Containers (20/’Dry/40’Dry/HC) and refrigerated (20′ RF/40′ RF), special equipments (45’/OT/FR).
  • Third countries crosstrade.
  • Main destinations: Africa (Senegal, Togo, Nigeria, Ghana…), America (Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, Chile, US and y Canada….), Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Phillipines, China…).
  • General cargo, dangerous (IMO), oversized and perishables.

Air Freight

  • Freight to any airport, exporting/importing solutions.
  • End-to-end transportation (DAP/DDP).
  • Getting your cargo ready for compliance at destination.

Road Freight

  • Door-to-door service for international freights.
  • Competitive pricing for complete national truck freights or inside Europe.

Advisory and Customs Clearance Service

Getting your cargo ready for complaint with relevant laws and regulations, quarantine measures, and inspections:

  • Customs Clearance Documents (Soivre, Eur1, Sanitary Certificates, Eori, etc…)
  • Origin and Destination of the Freight (Waiver, Form M, Fumigation, etc…)
  • Freight nature (relevant taxes depending of the tariff item)

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